Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meal prepping

It is imperative for me to have my meals ready for the day * or the week* otherwise, if I am hungry and I have nothing healthy to eat, I will run to closest drive thru.  And if i want to change my eating habits then i need to meal plan and have my meals ready for work. Specially because i have a full time job, 40 hours a week. It definitely makes my life easier and helps me stay on track.

The container System

In case you are reading this and you didn't know. I am doing the 21 day fix. An amazing workout/meal program that has taught me so much and has allowed me to change my life. The program comes with 7 containers, one for each of the food groups.
Veggies, Fruit, Protein, carbs, healthy fats and cheese, seeds and oils.
For my meal prepping, i mainly focus on 3 containers.

The day I start using as meal prep is Sunday, sometimes i will do some some cooking on saturday to help me on Sunday. Like for example. I had made a big batch of brown rice and cooked some chicken in the crock pot.

 With the chicken ready and the rice ready, on Sunday i focused on my veggies. With the 21 day fix i have learned that in order for me to stick to this lifestyle, i need to eat things that i like. If i had to eat celery all day every day, i would quit immediately, not a fan of celery. LOL
So I threw in a pot a bunch of my favorite veggies and cooked them.

Once I have all my pieces of the puzzle ready, it's time to put my lunches together.

For my lunches I usually use two green , one red and two yellow
I had cooked mixed veggies. I used my yellow one with brown rice and my red one has  the shredded chicken.
I throw everything in a pan with some olive oil. MIxed it all together and add any spices that i want.
I put my one day meal in a container and repeat these steps five more times, and BAM my meals for the week are ready.:) At least the main meals, I usually throw other stuff in my lunch bag, but i will post about those another time.

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