Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new addictiont that i have...

MAKEUP!! I didn't know learning to apply makeup and buying makeup would be sooo fun!!!! I just discovered the great world of makeup tutorials on youtube and i am addicted!!1 I looove them so much, I never learned how to apply makeup the right way ( i know, you would think that because i am a girl it comes naturally, but it doesn't) LOL
Anyways, i wanted to share this great awesome tutorials that i have been watching. They are by Marlena, or Makeup geek in youtube!! She is GREAT!! She is so awesome, she gives the best advice and has the best tutorials!! If you are interested you should check her out. Here is the most recent one she posted!! And of course i had to add this to my wish list on Sephora..haha!

First day of school pictures!

I know i haven't posted in forever!!!! I have been busy working and trying to dedicate more time to my family and trying to strengthen my i haven't been on the computer as much.. are some pictures that i wanted to share of the kids on their first day of school..:)