Monday, March 16, 2009

My friend is a crazy twilight fan...

A while ago, right after I saw the movie Twilight, I called my friend Lucy, who lives in San Diego, I told her that this movie was so good, and she had to see it. I think she didn't believe me, but i kept telling her how this movie was like "The notebook" but with vampires, she probably thought i was crazy, because in her eyes, there is no other movie like "The notebook", or so she thought...

Fast forward three months later...she came to visit and we were at Kmart looking for a book that she could read on the airplane ride home, i pointed to Twilight and told her that she should read it, not sure of this,not really trusting my judgment, she picked up the book and bought it..

Fast forward a little more, to this morning..I called her and she answers..."OMG girl, saturday is the day!!!"...for a second there i thought..."saturday?? what happens saturday??ohh she talking about what i think she is talking about?? " Twilight the movie comes out on DVD and she is FREAKING out!!! She is in love with the book, she is in love with the movie *that, with no doubt, she is counting the hours until it comes out on DVD* She is in love with EDWARD CULLEN!

I haven't read the book *yes, i have been living under a rock* but i have seen the movie, so I undertand half the the excitment..:)
I like to read my books in order, I don't like to leave a book halfway to pick up another one, and i have been reading Dead until dark by Charlaine Harris, because I love the series True Blood on HBO. This is the first one in a series of 7 books, and i would like to finish the whole 7 books before the next season of True Blood starts..:)
Another Vampire love story...being in love with a vampire is very "in" right now..
So, i just wanted to share...I think i created a monster, OR a crazy twilight FAN!:)

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